Dec 28, 2014

Jack Fetterman and the in Hi-Fi Music Direction - Acapulco 2000

From the great first compilation from Comfort Stand comes this marvelous lounge tune...just in time for the New Year's festivities.  The name of the compilation is Two Zombies Later [CSR001].  

This is a deep collection of loungy exotica that will thrill the ears.  It is almost a decade old, but timeless...

I'm going to try to put up several New Year festive pieces over the next few days under the label, Auld Lang Syne.  Seems only fair to balance out the BSWChristmas stuff.  Happy New Year. Bonne Année!
From the liner notes:  

Remix of Les Baxter's 'Acapulco' from the LP 'The Sacred Idol'. Percussion instruments don't play a secondary role. They are, part and parcel, smoothly integrated into the exciting provocative whole. Here's music — no gimmicks — but exotic, glittering melodies that throb with the beat of the drums. You'll hear a sparkling blend of piano, vibes, bass, accordion, harp, reeds, woodwinds, 17 different percussion instruments, digital loops, and plug-ins. This is a spectacular array of unique sounds and truly different rhythms. Mixologist (err, I mean remixer) Jack Fetterman, with the assistance of The in Hi-Fi Music Direction, explores the recorded work of maestro, Les Baxter's 'Acapulco' for a special DJ engagement honoring, ironically, the demise of the fabulous Kahiki tiki restaurant, formerly in Columbus, Ohio, August 26, 2000.

Jack Fetterman and the in Hi-Fi Music Direction - Acapulco 2000

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