Dec 28, 2014

Malefics - Dumbia Solitaria

Sounds like a very cool project out of Mexico.  The Foot side of the Bump Foot netlabel dropped this on the 21st.  Apparently, this is an audio selection from the audio/visual project that is Malefics.

Dumbia Solitaria translates as lonely Dumbia....sounds sad.

Consistency is a somewhat rare commodity on the internet and Bump Foot has it.  This the 234th release from the Foot side alone.  They pre-date this blog and here we are...BSWC has gone to the well with both sides of this wonderful netlabel.  

Here is the skinny on Malefics from Bump Foot's site:

Malefics is an audiovisual project from Mexico, a hybrid between electronic and different Latin American rhythms with videomapping projections. Once You Go Malefics You'll Never Go Back is an album which shows us their style, a mix of electronic, rock, and latin sounds.

Time to go explore what Bump Foot has been doing the last few years. Enjoy.

Malefics - Dumbia Solitaria

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