Dec 24, 2014

keytronic -Der Traum Unterm Baum (feat. Maike und Frida)

A sweet, beautiful Christmas tune from longtime mixter, Keytronic.  The piece features his young daughter and a friend and if it doesn't settle you down for a cozy Christmas Eve, I don't know what will.  

Keytronic had this to say:

This is now the result featuring my Daughter Frida and Maike (a very good Friend). 
I believe this is a wonderful christmas song and my second self composed song ever.

Take a listen.  I'm sure that you will want to add this to your holiday collection. It stands out among all the great tunes being posted to this holiday season.

keytronic -Der Traum Unterm Baum (feat. Maike und Frida)

Photo credit: Lucie Bluebird-Lexington - For winter dreams

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