Dec 20, 2014

Loveshadow - Kisses On Lips ( The Mistletoe Mix )

This Loveshadow mix was posted at in November of 2007.  It was featured on a Black Sweater, White Christmas radio program, but never got a BSWChristmas post.  Here goes...

Mistletoe Dance, Photo by
Loveshadow's work forms part of the backbone of ccMixter.  And that is part of the joy of the creative commons remix site.  A collective dedicated to putting a wide variety of really great sounds out there and then building on the body of work...always building.  If you haven't been there, well...

The building block that Loveshadow used here was provided by a year-long project by calendargirl to put up a vocal track each month to challenge the mixters.  Some great tunes were generated including this one.

Mixter Gurdonark (friend of BSWC) explains:

I like that you make this mix so much fun. It’s great that you play in the field of holiday novelty, and yet you do more than merely an obvious send-up, but create your own mistletoe- verse in which this song makes sense. The interweave of vocal and insturments is good, and the little sequenced keyboard/bell around where the lyric “spider” pops up is good.
But mostly, you stretch, and you go places that people sometimes imagine they’re too hip to go, and you show there’s a lot of fun up on them thar asteroids.
I don’t think they’ll be playing this one at Billy Bob’s Texas in Fort Worth any time soon, but it’s great to hear the nods to country in this wonderfully odd mix.

Merry Christmas...enjoy the season.

Loveshadow - Kisses On Lips ( The Mistletoe Mix )

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