Dec 24, 2014

Martinibomb - cha l'ectro cha cha

Reaching back into the catalog of the wonderful, if defunct netlabel, Comfort Stand, for today's post. Merry Christmas, cha, cha!

MartiniBomb is/was a Portland duo that figured very prominently in the early iterations of BSWC...Subsystem 7 and I were playing them constantly, almost every week.  And for good's a party. Here's a snippet from the Comfort Stand notes:

...they enjoy cobbling odd songs together from vinyl records, tin cans, sticks and chewing gum. Martinibomb enjoys reading books, collecting records, brewing sake, and watching obscure films.

You can find this link in many of our program playlists on the blog, but it never made it into the feed. I noticed the tune in the playlist of Netwaves, the Belgian-based CC radio broadcast.  It showed up in [nws265] netwaves 7.32: poptronics in 2013. 

If you need some energy to get through this busy day before contemplating the more sombre elements of this holiday, then get your groove on.  

Martinibomb - cha l'ectro cha cha


subsystem7 said...

Ah... good Christmas post! Always happy to hear martinibomb!

Unknown said...

Martinibomb is still active. Thank you for playing our work... Here's a few newish ones