Dec 27, 2014

Liviana Mauretti - Transgénicos

Liviana Mauretti's voice has captivated me the last few days.  Time to post.  

I have little to go on, but this release called Corrientes came out on Spanish netlabel, Bestiar in October.

Transgenicos translates at genetically modified. 

I found it on my new favorite CC aggregator

Her artist page at Bestiar describes her style as Chamber Pop.  I like it. Chamber Pop.

The netlabel offers this mission statement:

BESTIAR is a netlabel that was born in the autumn of 2010. This small corner of the Internet will be dedicated to publishing music from both currently active musicians to good old tunes that we consider interesting enough. The different tracks that we feature are under the radar, with the aim of introducing new music and stuff that may have gone unobserved or fallen into oblivion. 
In the beginning this project began focusing on groups from Barcelona and its surroundings, but now we are contacting musicians from other regions interested in showing their works in this new virtual community. 
We hope that you enjoy a lot of the music offered here…Everything you find here is protected by licenses of CREATIVE COMMONS, and you will not have any problems listening or downloading material for personal use, as long as it is not for commercial purposes and you credit the name of the author at all times.
Take a listen to the entire release.  As I said, captivating.

Liviana Mauretti - Transgénicos

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