Dec 6, 2014

DubRajah - Ngezi

Peaceful and serene are two words that describe this release by DubRajah from the netlabel, Dubophonic. The sounds of Africa via Moscow provide a great listen. Found this release, called Enkang, on the Netlabel aggregator,

 Some words from the netlabel about the artist and release: 

"Enkang" means "homestead" in Maasai language. Maasai is one of the very few tribes who have retained most of their traditions, lifestyle and lore. "Enkang" is also the name of DubRaJaha's EP, which was recorded in the period from Autumn 2013 till Summer/Autumn 2014 in Arusha (Tanzania), Stone Town (Zanzibar, Tanzania), Wete (Pemba, Tanzania) and Moscow (Russia). 

 I chose the magical "Ngezi" to share here, but wise ones will visit to download the entire release. 

  DubRajah - Ngezi


Dubophonic Records said...

give thanks for this nice review. Blessings and love

Julia Erickson said...

Absolutely love this tune and the entire release. Really fantastic!

Dubophonic Records said...

Added a link to your blog and to this review on our page: