Dec 30, 2014

Juanitos - Hola Hola Bossa Nova

Bouncing toward the New Year!  Biotic is in Montreal.  Bon Annee grande nez! Went looking for some exotica lounge music and hit the jackpot with this one from Jaunitos. It appears on a Various Artists release called netBloc Volume 24 (tiuqottigeloot) from blocSonic.  This release is really fine up and down.

Here is something from a Last FM writeup on Juanitos:

Juanitos, led by Juan Naveira, is the single French rock’n’roll and soul band mixing latin soul, exotica, acid jazz, punk, vocal pop and somtimes reggae roots in the Jackie Mittoo style. They are continuously looking for new tones, and integrate a large range of musical influences, for instantaneous pleasure. The Juanitos are not losing any marks throughout music, fashion and industrial sounds that bloom and pass.

Juanitos is a find.  If your looking for some sultry tunes to ring in the new year, look no farther.  There is a really nice Free Music Archive collection of material that is worth a listen.

Have fun.

Juanitos - Hola Hola Bossa Nova 

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