Feb 10, 2007

BSWC 2.10.07: Making a Stand for Comfort

[Update 2.11.07: The audio file is available here.]

Here is the playlist for BSWC 2.10.07. It just feels right. First hour has some classic Comfort Stand material...They don't call it Comfort Stand for nothing.

Thanks to Uwe Herrman for pointing the way to Ror-shak. Golden Cage is the final song in Set 5...Just ask me about set 5.

Enjoy the show.

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Snow Is Falling by Georgia & August Greenberg
Walk on the Fire by Edith Frost
Bunnyrabbits, Satan, Cheese And Milk by Stark Effect
Bobby_Baby_-_Bobby_Ruperts_High_Voltage_Disco_Remi... by Bobby Baby
Chekili Lounge Oud Vs. Fawzi Chekili by Ben Othman
This Is The First Track (The Beginnings Of Music, ... by Otis Fodder
Like A Virgin by The Apartment
Contact 1 2 3 4 by Messer Chups
the spank (cycletribe - leftmix remix) by geistfrei
The Persuaders Dub by Dr Kuch
St. Petersburg by Bersarin-Quartett
entweder terence hill by trondheim
Golden_Cage by Ror-shak
Clint in the Eye by Gorowksi
Mondo's Disco by Gorowksi
Intelligencia Test (feat. Sam-A) by Monsieur Z
This is BEATUNDERCONTROL! by Beatundercontrol
Red alert ! by Atomic cat
Robot Wars by Binarpilot

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Oddio Overplay said...

Long live the memory of Comfort Stand. It was a great little place, wasn't it?