Mar 4, 2015

Chic Gala - Read My Lips

Chic Gala is from Toronto, Canada.  This track is from a 2012 release on the netlabel, D-Trash Records called Inside the Ember Palace.  

D-Trash has roots as a electronic musician collective that got started in 1998. They have a robust presence on the Internet Archive.  

We love this track by Chic Gala.  It exemplifies the description they provide for themselves:
They draw inspiration from the runway and the gutter: Everything that is super glossed over and shiny in the media juxtaposed with the dirty reality of modern life.
Their Facebook page lists the members of Chic Gala:
Rex Banner - Media Destruction
Sinthea Plasp - Vox
Chic Gala - Read My Lips

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