Mar 5, 2015

Nic Bommarito - Ella va au Japon (CNP Remix)

There is synchronicity in the universe. Today is March 5, 2015. 8 years ago to the day we posted a track by Nic Bommarito on the netlabel, 12 Rec. The track was called Once a Freak, Always a Freak.  

We noticed this when preparing today's post which is a single from a release coming out next week on BlocSonic.

We are posting a remix of the track that was recorded by Cheese N Pot-C. The remix features some calm, relaxing Hip Hop...dreamy, dreamhop.

The coming release is called Quiet Age.  The release notes on BlocSonic give an idea of the artist's sound:
If you’re not already familiar with Nic’s distinctive sound, get ready to hear something special. Floating somewhere in the realm of shoegaze, ambient & folk, it’s an ethereal sound with a substance that sticks with you. The single’s title track is made even more incredible by the work of Brendan Held on violin.
March 5 is now an important date in the BSWC feed.

Nic Bommarito - Ella va au Japon (CNP Remix) 

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