Mar 2, 2015

Herrmutt Lobby - Flushing Economy

Man, roots, man.

Flushing Economy appeared on the CC-10 Europe Mixtape release marking the 10th Anniversary of Creative Commons.  Herrmutt Lobby are from Belgium and perform around Europe.  In fact, their sound is what it is in part because of their interest in performing live. 

Herrmutt Lobby is a collective of electronic musicianshandymen and programmers that have pursued musical ventures since 1997.  Their approach is outlined on their web page:
With Herrmutt Lobby there are no loops, no sequences, no backing tracks, no groove machines. Their primary objective is to develop both hardware and software aimed at performing live. Their devices are intended for direct interpretation, producing movement-driven music in real time. Their live sets have gained them a solid reputation everywhere in Europe.

Herrmutt Lobby - Flushing Economy

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