Mar 1, 2015

Mr Mefistou - Snow apocalypse skunk

It is snowing outside our window as we type this sentence. Mr. Mefistou remixed a tune by Mexican Stepper as part of a remix various artists project released this week by the netlabel Dubophonic.  The tune has "Snow" in the title.

Mexican Stepper is Yasser Serano.  His previous release on Dubophonic is called The Mad Sunday EP. The tune is from a release called Run and Tell Remixed.

Mr. Mefistou has this description on Facebook:
Musicalizador and Artist from Puerto Rico in NYC experimenting with bass, analyzing people's behavior, conduct and feedback on low frequencies... with dance floor manipulation interests.
The release page for Mad Sunday describes Mexican Stepper:
Tapping into different rhythms but mainly with stepper productions, Yasser introduces 2009 his Mexican Stepper project with the intention of creating a new dub proposal in his homeland Mexico. Little he knew that his sound would soon overcome the borders of his country and spread like a virus all around the world.
The range of remix sounds on Run and Tell Remixed are amazing and well worth the click-through.

Mr Mefistou -  Snow apocalypse skunk

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