Mar 18, 2015

Lee Rosevere - Flight

Our interest in the music of Lee Rosevere goes back to some of the very first BSWC radio shows in September 2005.  He was part of our discovery of Creative Commons music and we are grateful.

He has been part of the CC music community online for many years with releases on netlabels across the internet.  He also is responsible for his own netlabel, Happy Puppy Records.  He is from Canada.

This post is from a Happy Puppy release from last August, All These Simple Things.  It is a collection of piano explorations with the occasional string augmentation.

From the liner notes:
I limited myself instrumentally to solo piano (which ended being augmented by strings on a few tracks) and deliberately tried to compose as simply as possible. I didn't overthink anything, or stop myself if the melodies seemed too cheesy, or if it seemed I was dangerously close to new-age Narada territory. And when the song felt finished, I stopped
It was hard to decide which track to post.

Lee Rosevere - Flight

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