Mar 25, 2015

Alisú - Las aventuras del Sr. Tomita

Chilean netlabel, Modismo released a V/A collection on Sunday called Girls Alive.  There are 9 tracks on it from international artists that happen to be women. This is Electronic music that you will want to check out.  

We are featuring a piece by Chilean artist, Alisú. 

Alisu is Jessica Campos de la Paz, from Viña del Mar, Chile. She is a graphic designer and musician who has been active since at least 2000.

She has some material posted on Soundcloud. There are also a few releases on various netlabels featuring her music. She is also the owner of Modismo.

She describes her music in a note on Soundcloud:
Her compositions are warm and ambient, very delicate and feminine, always with contagious rhythms, subtle melodies and her processed voice plus robotic sounds.
Follow the link to Soundcloud and explore her sound.

Alisú - Las aventuras del Sr. Tomita

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