Mar 15, 2015

Orphic - Follow The Call Of The Disco Ball (Original Mix)

Orphic is Joel Jakub.  He is a producer from Detroit who is now based in Venice, California.  You can almost see the skate dancing on the boardwalk on the beach when you play this track.  There is fun to be had...Spring is here and it is time to shake your booty, no?

If you are in the area Orphic will be playing the Serenity Gathering in Pauma Valley, CA on Thursday, March 19th.  We wish we could make it.

This track is from a release called The Groove Button on Swamp Music.

His Facebook page describes the sound:
...his mission is to blend the passionate yet alien sounds of bass music into a funky stew of delicious melodies reminiscent of the musical bloom of Motown as experienced from another planet. It’s like listening to Stevie Wonder through a kaleidoscope. His unique, groovy sound is sure to revolutionize the way people define “EDM”. 
Let's Dance!

Orphic - Follow The Call Of The Disco Ball (Original Mix)

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