Mar 26, 2015

ForstWölfin - First in Space

This track was featured on a Netwaves radio program that was posted on on March 25. As some might know, we at BSWC are fascinated with Sex and Space.  First in Space gets at our Space issues...

When we went to research ForstWölfin we found their Soundcloud page, but then found that their Twitter account had been suspended...hmmm, a mystery.  Not to worry, this piece from the Netwaves program, [nws329] netwaves 09.19: darktronics, carries the day.

First in Space is part of a ForstWölfin release from the netlabel, GV Sound called Beyond Time and SpaceForstWölfin is from Moscow. The release was posted at on February 25.

Make sure you listen past the 2 minute point.  The first 2 minutes features some wonderful cosmonaut found sound which thrills us, but then we get to business...

ForstWölfin - First in Space 

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