Apr 17, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: Finn the Giant Meets Beatsquad - Hospital Dub

"I need a hospital because I've fallen and broken my heart in two..." and with that line I knew that this tune had to be a One-a-Day pick.

We are sticking with the dub theme that Subsystem started yesterday. This one is from Finn the Giant at Giant Sounds and I discovered it via the Swiss blog, Starfrosch.

Finn the Giant does dub remix with a tune by the Swedish reggae group, Beatsquad.

If you like these sounds, then you will want to check out the Giant Sounds Net 7 inch catalogue 2005 - 2006 at archive.org. A collection of 12 tunes filled with dub joy.

This one is a lovely tune that made me smile.

Finn the Giant Meets Beatsquad - Hospital Dub

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Anonymous said...

Excellent. I stumbled on Finn the Giant with this recent posting on archive.org ...