Apr 6, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: Ninefold Italy - Twist Tango

From their recent Creative Commons release Boulevard of Broken Arses, the Ravenna, Italy group Ninefold Italy gives us Twist Tango. Rich layers of coyboy punk and expressive piano & guitar drive you deeper into the composition, building up and rocking out, piling on the detail, and ending with simple piano and ultimate clarity.

Awesome. The three track release is available on archive.org.


Ninefold Italy - Twist Tango

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Anonymous said...

Hello there, I am SO GLAD you aired us... I really didn't expect anyone to care about what I uploaded on the archive.org page. Best regards and thanks from Ninefold! Fabio Bovelacci, Mattia Sikorski, Enrico Liverani