Apr 10, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: Mikey Murka - Sensi Addict

Wasn't so long ago that I posted Leutohm's "Real Chronic Smokers" on these pages. Well, after today's post NORML's got to really like this blog.

Today's selection
is from the netlabel, Jahtari.org. It has the rhythm, the arcade thing and the sound effects. Mikey Murka has some chops and I appreciate the what he has accomplished with this tune:
"Apart from Mikey's incredible vocal niceness this one includes rocking drummachine action, original spliff lighting sounds, smoked out surprises from beginning to end and loads of good vibes - simply a great and fun-packed document of the unforgettable times we had back in April when Mikey and Kris Kemist from Realityshock were over in Germany for some days full of Reggae music from dusk till dawn."
The release was a A-side/B-side Single with Jahtari artist Disrupt on the B-side. I think I played the A-side in Set #4 of something like three consecutive radio shows. I like it.

Mikey Murka - Sensi Addict

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