Apr 29, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: Funkatron - Stoppin my Mind

Just recovering from the bump fest that was BSWC-The Show last night. Wow, I was out for a couple of weeks and the show just leapt out of control...a real bump fest.

Only appropriate then that I post something from Bump Foot, the Japanese netlabel the very next morning. Say hello to Funkatron.

Funkatron is from Slovakia. The release is called Space EP. Laying down a sort of minimal house sound with some serious bump. Just continuing on from where I was last night. (BSWC 4.28.07 should be posted today, I hope). [update 4.29.07 9:38 AM: Unfortunately, both of my recording events failed, so I have about 14 minutes of the show. I won't bother posting it. Sorry.]

Funkatron - Stoppin my Mind

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