Apr 19, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: Ongori feat. John Smeck - Orbita Business

I didn't want to let the day slip by with a note. Dars Records has posted a huge collection by various artists to recognize the day.

The release is called Space Will Be Ours [Dars07] and went up on archive.org on April 12. It is divided into Parts A and B:

Part A - ambient, psycho, electroacoustic, avant-garde, experimental, sound art, etc.

Part B - electro, post-IDM, electronica, etc.

Today's selection is from Part B.

On April, 12, 1961 Jury Gagarin made the first space flight in history of mankind (on the spacecraft "East 1"), in 1 hour of 48 minutes circled the globe and safely landed in the vicinity of village Smelovki of the Saratov area.

In honor of this event people of Russia annually celebrates this day as - The Day of Astronautics, the greatest day in a life of mankind.

Space will be ours! - we believe that mankind cannot be stopped in the further research and studying of space, far planets and galaxies.

We are a little late, but it is never too late to join in a celebration of ultimate human dominion over the universe.

Ongori feat. John Smeck - Orbita Business

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