May 5, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: Quallofill - Her Private Playground

Here is one I posted over at cc365, but the link doesn't appear to be working so I thought I would migrate it over to the One-a-Day project.

Here is a very sweet song recorded by this Dutch ensemble. It has a nice loungy, sixties sound and it makes me feel good. You can find this song on a DVD being released by Creative Commons Netherlands. They formally released the DVD at a Creative Commons Salon in Amsterdam this past December.

The DVD project was open to submissions for a couple months last spring and they had over 130 songs from more than 50 artists. They selected just 13 tracks and then opened the project for visual submissions to compliment the selected music.

Quallofill is a duo from Rotterdam that have been recording together since 2003. In 2005, they performed in the finale of the Grote Prijs van Zuid-Holland and won third place in the competition. Keep an eye out for them.

This tune is from a release called The Man Who Likes Trouble on Poptronique.

You can be their friend at MySpace.

Quallofill - Her Private Playground

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