May 23, 2007

BSWC News: Webjay to Close at the End of June

The news on the street is that the playlist site, Webjay is going away. They have an announcement in their banner to this effect along with instructions on how to salvage playlists created on the site.

I've used Webjay a little, but never jumped all the way in the pool. Sorry to see them exit the stage.

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Gurdonark said...

I never felt as if I used webjay in all the ways it could have been used, but I was grateful to be able to embed its player in my myspace for a while as a good way to share music.

Webjay was a step forward for on-line music. It's absurd to feel this way, but I feel an almost sentimental sadness to see this 'traditional' service go.

I now use widgets to share my own music, as allows one to upload mp3s and then generates a widget player, which is, for me, easier than trying to get things to grasp songs from websites. But I'll miss webjay nonetheless.

I suppose I must see about backing up my webjays--not so much for the utility of the player, but to remember cool song-lists I enjoyed.