May 27, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: Switchboard Of Souls - With You (Bliss Mix)

A quick post on a busy Sunday in the middle of Memorial Day weekend.

Just found this via the Internet Archive feed. Switchboard of Souls is a project of Fresno, CA-based artist Christopher Quintos. The release is
eko-lo-kashen [qd-4220].

Switchboard of Souls is from QED Records. QED is a netlabel based in the Philippines, offering independent Philippine electronica.

Quintos is working with sounds that pull me back to the 80's synth-pop, suicide era. The notes call this collection "Gothic", "Moody".

Created in a completely Depeche Mode, more clanninsh than Clan Of Xymox, more joyful than Joy Division.

Definitely worth a listen.

Switchboard Of Souls - With You (Bliss Mix)

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