May 11, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: Klaz* - Tosvin

It has been surprisingly warm in Berkshire County the past couple of days and this morning we were greeted by heavy rains which cooled the earth and calmed the approach of summer. The sun is just starting to come through the clouds as I post...

This is indeed a rare piece of music, and it is quite literally a piece: Tosvin is a part of the twenty-minute song Esdra from a coming release on WM Recordings, Glistqwid. Tosvin is a powerful soundscape which moves through several distinct modes in this single track - incorporating electric and acoustic guitar, natural and unnatural sounds. I'm really looking forward to Glistqwid, but for now, make sure you download this entire release, WM062 Kachtil which was added to the Creative Commons universe on the 8th of May, just three days ago.

Klaz* - Tosvin

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Gurdonark said...

Fascinating and unexpected soundscape, indeed.