May 13, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: Sminky - Puppies in Space

I've been following an interesting forum thread at about women and netlabel music. Sminky came up in the thread, although WM Recordings isn't sure of the artist's gender.

Today's selection is from a WM release, Before Live [wm043] that came out last June. Here is what WM has to say about Sminky:

Sminky lives in the legendary land of Siberia next to a huge pine forest. In his/her childhood she (he?) sang in a local church-choir and theatre and played violin. Later he (she?) tried to sing in different Siberian rock-groups. And now, for about two years she (he?) has just been sitting at home and doing music with his/her PC.
Lovely Tune. Hope you enjoy it.

Sminky - Puppies in Space

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