May 25, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: Lex Bambasy - Dark Dancer

Trying to stay cool is the theme of the day. Yeah, I know, we have been waiting all winter and spring for days like these, but truth to tell, I'm a cool weather guy.

Subbing in for Subsystem who is immersed right now...

Stay cool with the title track from Lex Bambasy's release, Dark Dancer [escala 0:3].

Escala says it is not just another digital community, cool. Minimal net describes the sound:

Dark Dancer is a work with a foot in the electro of Kraftwerk and another in the techno deeper of the old Detroit.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend if you are state-side or just plain have a great weekend, where ever you are!

Lex Bambasy - Dark Dancer

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