Jun 2, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: Binärpilot - idk concaf

Getting ready to go in for the show. Click on the stream link if you read this in the next couple hours.

Don't have time to write much, but any song that has "snowpeas" in the lyrics is truly great. No, seriously, this is a great little tune.

This is from a compilation called Return of Mega Twerp Compilation [mega038]

Check it out.

Binärpilot - idk concaf


Anonymous said...

If Zippy the Pinhead had a playlist, this would be on it-
"Fresh Snow Peas! Fresh Snow Peas!!"
Very fun, like it a lot

subsystem7 said...

Great post! Cool album. Track 6 is awesome too - Luftwaffe by Super Multifaros ("Jan Telefon" March 21st one-a-day post).