Jun 4, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: Alternarama - Voyage 1 - The Japanese Garden

Here is a very fine release that I'm posting for my friend, Subsystem7 who is pushing on a big, fat freaky deadline this week. Note: SS7, remember to eat and breath. I just finished my big deadline thingy, so I'll take the One-a-Day post today...gotcha covered. Here is some relaxing music to wonk to...

Just found this gem. From a release called The Kyoto Connection that you can find on archive.org.

The Kyoto Connection is a musical voyage. Its sweet electronic music, with a japanese feeling. Its music to sit back, relax, and listen.
Alternarama - Voyage 1 - The Japanese Garden

Photo Credit: starmist1 / Todd Petit

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