Jun 15, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: The Rabbits - Blow You Crow

No digging for today's choice, WMRecordings just released something great into the world.

This album is full of fun, interesting, creative, gems. It is an unselfconscious trip through lots of mixed up genres. Music that you will like, your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife will like, your children will like(maybe not every song for your kids, listen before playing) , and your dog might even like. Releases like this make me feel extremely lucky to be a creative commons music junky.

As it says on WMRecordings, "if you like music, you'll love the music here. Sign up today for a low, low introductory price of 51 minutes of your time."

The rabbits is Matthew Orzeszek - no address provided, but I think he's from the UK.

Today's selection is like a mashup of beatles / zappa / elvis costello / and pure exotica. Great sounds. Great music. Excellent high energy bounce.

enjoy (you lucky bastards)

The Rabbits - Blow You Crow

1 comment:

fourstones said...

You know there's a trace of Eno's rock'n'roll days ('Baby's on Fire') -- GREAT FIND!