Jun 27, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: Martin Messier - Quatre pattes, c'est pas assez

Just released on no type, Martin Messier's album Et si l’aurore disait oui is a worthwhile journey into one man's very unusual compositional technique. Each note, string, syllable, and key is recorded alone and then mixed together. The result is a very compelling set of tracks that don't fit easily into any single classification.

I chose the third track because I love the amalgam of vocals, however, it was a hard choice - every track has redeeming qualities. But this one brought back fond memories. As a child I had a strange 7" LP labeled "Superman." It was definitely not the Superman I expected, but rather a vocal experiment that was almost as terrifying as a ouija board, at the time.

Once you are done listening to the selection I've posted, download the entire album, put your headphones on, turn down the lights, maybe grab some writing paper and a bottle of wine. This is a good album for a journey.

Martin Messier - Quatre pattes, c'est pas assez

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