Jun 11, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: bert jerred - buzz | kill | jumper | v2

Today's pick is a find from the newly released songs on one of the first CC sites I ever visited, Opsound. Opsound's interface is spare, almost bleak, and leaves all of the flourish to the many many talented people who release their work into the cc universe.

"buzz | kill | jumper | v2" by bert jerred and listed with the tags "none" "none" on Opsound, is a tight, quick, no frills, sound trip - giving you a short burst of electrolytes. A perfect warm up for exploring the vast dimensions of CC music, and a great place to return to to cleanse your pallet.

enjoy this excellent pick.

(Photograph by Dain Jerred/Bert Jerred for Buffalohead Project (2005). Photographed in Oswego, NY with HP Photosmart 315 digital camera.)

bert jerred - buzz | kill | jumper | v2

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