Aug 8, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: Ckid - Time Monsters

Today's selection takes me back to the early 80's. René 'Ckid' Margraff captures the sound that so many bands from across the sea were working in those days. And, he does it without having it sound dated. Good Job.

Rene 'Ckid' Margraff is a German electronic artist. The release, Down with Ghosts [mtk188] comes to us via Monotonik.
Full of chanted and whispered vocals and an evocative, almost shoegaze-centric attitude to idm/electronics, 'Down With Ghosts' starts with the semi-conscious drawl of 'From A To Z', before the title track crosses subtle beats with drifting vocals, and things flow swiftly on.
Ckid - Time Monsters

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