Aug 29, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: Cagey House - Labor Dispute

Cagey House is back. Followers of BSWC-The Show will remember us playing past releases by this artist based in Baltimore. This tune is from a brand-new release on the netlabel, Nishi.

He has his own website if you want to find out more of what he is up to with releases and projects.

This is release number 117 by Nishi.

This post is number 500 all-time for the BSWC blog. Creative Commons music since 2005. Thanks for listening.

Cagey House - Labor Dispute

1 comment:

Gurdonark said...

Cagey House is a great artist. I'm glad you're highlighting his work.

I really enjoyed his um rexor prior album, and now I'll go check out this new nishi release.