Aug 10, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: Spin Provider - Poexali!

Well, I fell asleep before posting this ;) -- not due to the track, which is excellent. I came across
Spin Provider as they have a new compilation release The Beginnning (you can listen here) just released on It sounded good, so I dug around a bit and came up with this excellent remix of one of Spin Provider songs.

Spin Provider is from Moscow. I've been reading Russian novels lately, so it seemed to fit well. ;) the remix is by c0balt, another Russian musician located in Moscow. The piece, and Spin Provider's music in general, is industrial electronic. Nice strong cycles.

Enjoy this choice.

Spin Provider - Poexali!


Justin Forest said...

Unfortunately, the version uploaded to only contains 7 tracks and I can't edit it for some reason (get an internal server error). The full release can be downloaded from here or listened to here. The remixed version you are referring to is also there, as a bonus. ;)

Thank you for the review. ;) But how did you found this release?

subsystem7 said...

Hi urban monkey, thanks for the comment. I changed the release link to the zip.

I originally found the remix by searching for "Spin Provider" on

Awesome stuff! :)

Justin Forest said...

Hi again. ;) Just wanted to let you know, if you're interested in Russian industrial music, that I've just launched the English version of our web site (although it's currently hosted here at Blogger).

Low noise, high signal, hopefully you'll find it interesting. ;) Sorry for bothering, if you don't.