Aug 2, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: Eloi Brunelle - Babysitter

One day I'm going to have the pleasure of going to a Montreal club and experiencing the brilliance of Eloi Brunelle in person. I hope that it is soon.

This tune is from a cooperative project by Thinner/Autoplate and Epsilonlab. I was listening to it the other day while pulling into Penn Station, NYC. It worked. Stayed with me and I may have to dial it back up for my return trip north tomorrow.

Eloi has been a major contributor to the commons and runs a great netlabel, EpsilonLab.

[Update: I notice that Eloi will be performing live with some of his label mates outdoors at a very cool outdoor event, PIKINC ELECTRONIK! at Jean Drapeau Park in Montreal on Sunday, August 5.]
Eloi Brunelle - Babysitter

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also listen to an interview with Eloi in Netwaves 5: