Aug 21, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: The Incognito Traveller - A Couple Minutes with Eric

Although there is currently no mention of the artist or the release on Konfort Records, The Incognito Traveller EP was just posted on Seven tracks that blend together like a fine seven course meal, serving up a smooth, well orchestrated, modern jazz electronic experience.

Konfort Records is a live acts musician's collective based in Mexico. They are dedicated to the promotion of mexican electonic music both on physical mediums and through the web. The netlabel "No Copy Protection" offers high quality and exclusive releases from their artists. And in case you were wondering whether you could have a romantic date with one of Konfort's artists:
"Unfortunately, cupid is no longer a friend of us, much the less a member of the collective. Besides, we have very little knowledge of the fleeting sexual preferences or status of our artists."
I will post more info as it is released on the netlabel site, but for now, simply enjoy this treat. I could have chosen any track, but I liked the simple bass line groove on this one - a good appetizer for the release. Enjoy.

The Incognito Traveller - A Couple Minutes with Eric

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