Aug 27, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: La Fresto - Roue Voilee, Velo Casse

This is a bazaar track from an equally bazaar release. Biotic sent me a link to it this morning in thanks for covering him for a few days while he was away from a computer and the Internet. I am indeed grateful for the gift. :)

Playful, completely different, reminds me of some of the best stuff I've found on birdsong.

Coupled with the fact that I speak absolutely no French, and this music could be about anything, I had trouble digging up any background on La Fresto.


La Fresto - Roue Voilee, Velo Casse


Anonymous said...

This is entirely delightful! The missing link that could help this release make more sense to you is that this is actually a compilation of older La Fresto works from 1992-1998. The truly excellent track you are featuring is actually from the early nineties, 1992, if memory serves correctly.

La Fresto is Laurent Lusseau, an extremely talented, prolific, and versatile musician who he does it all himself– microphone, laptop and keyboard usually being his primary instruments. He resides in Poitiers, France and loves to dance.

Interesting tidbit: the
official website
features a white cat on a black background in addition to loads of tasty tracks.

To satisfy your curiosity, Roue voileé , velo cassé means: warped wheel, broken bicycle. The song could still be about anything as far as I can tell.

Cheers to you and biotic for posting this great track!


subsystem7 said...

Thank you for the great details! If you ever have any suggestions for posts on the blog please don't hesitate to send them, subsystem7 at mac dot com is my email.


Anonymous said...

Thanks !

I'm really surprised to read this "BSWC One-a-Day". This song, "Roue Voilée, Vélo Cassé", wrote in 1992, talks about a young boy who's travel a country with his sister. Of course, the locomotion is bicycle. It's a situationist's song, in fact. The two young people are traveling the country with no end idea.

La Fresto.