Aug 6, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: Edd Gordon - Aurora Boreal

From the netlabel E.P.A Sonidos comes a compelling techno trance release, canto_nativo. E.P.A Sonidos is a Chilean label, and Edd Gordon, also known as Gozne is from Quilpue, Valparaíso

Aurora Boreal stood out for me. It is clean, fast paced, and develops well, without losing control. Exactly what the doctor ordered for a reflective Monday in August.

Also, thank you to biotic for picking up my slack last week (as he always does when I slack). Had a bit of a family emergency that kept me up at night, unfortunately not looking for CC tracks. Everything is ok now.


Enjoy this track (oh yeah, it is a little on the big side, 17megs of goodness)

Edd Gordon - Aurora Boreal

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