Aug 14, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: The Bran Flakes - I Remember When I Break Down Side 1

O.K., Subsystem goes with Gorowski...I'm going with a classic bit of exotica from Comfort Stand. This Bran Flakes release is totally mesmerizing.

It is a big one...this track is about 00:30:00 in length. There are some amazing surprises along the way. The bit towards the middle with Dr. Ruth and Debbie Gibson is breathtaking [NSFW].
The cassette was recorded in Stead, Nevada, outside of Reno where we were living for a short time. Living on broke ends and with ample free time we used what we had around to make the cassette... turntable, 2 cassette decks, discman, VCR, radio shack mixer and the Roland MS-1 Phrase Sampler. All the sounds were sampled in on 8 touch pads on the Roland and while playing the song live by hitting the pads the output was sent to a cassette deck. Holding down the pads would repeat the loops which was nice and loop points were set before hitting record on the tape deck.
If you have been appreciating the mixed bag that Subsystem and I present at this site, check out the site that got us both excited. Comfort Stand is no longer active, but it is a tremendous archive.

The Bran Flakes - I Remember When I Break Down Side 1

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