Aug 25, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: Frank Molder - Orbital Movement

This is a perfect post for a grey Sunday morning, and truthfully I am adding Saturday's post on a grey Sunday morning. The track is from Frank Molder's album "Come With Me" release #27 on Hypnotic, chill, clean, reflective, a great intro to another great release.

This is my first post from one bit wonder - a net label run by Mirsch and Benne (Stephan Bennemann). They both love movies, music, and beer. Hey, we have something in common! The label is in english, but is located in Leipzig Germany. And the reason for the label:

'Cause we like music. Not just electronic stuff, but all kinds of music. With 1bit wonder, we want to release what we think the world should have a chance to listen to. Style doesn't matter. It's just about our sense of good taste.

Frank Molder - Orbital Movement

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