Feb 15, 2015

Grace Valhalla - 99%

Grace Valhalla is a young electronic music composer who we have been following since 2006.  She lives and works in Nancy, France.

Grace tells us that she has a new release coming soon on Jamendo.com.  She sent a link to a song from that release called New Orleans.  We'll let you know when new release arrives.

In the meantime, here's a tune from 2012.  99% is the companion tune for another called 1%.  They both appear on her Valhalla Rising release at Jamendo.  She tells us this about her work:
True to myself I tried to produce pieces that convey a certain emotion and that I want to hear ; now I sincerely hope, and not without anxiety, you enjoy it !
We do.

Grace Valhalla - 99%

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