Feb 20, 2015

Jennifer Paulos - I Say No More

Reggae and Dub music doesn't recognize borders.

Today's post comes from a 2-year old release on the netlabel, Dubophonic which is based in Cyprus.  Cyprus is an island in the eastern Mediterranean Sea. 

Dubophonic works to maintain a very broad definition of the genre of Reggae and Dub:
We retain focus on the art of dub music in its most diverse forms, whether it is electronic or acoustic/organic, roots or steppers, classic or contemporary. We are especially interested to promote crossover projects, fusing dub music with other genres of music, trying to define the outest boundaries of dub. 

Jennifer Paulos has Spanish, Swiss and Portuguese roots and works in Spain. Her music career has been building for a number of years and this release really showcases her talent and potential. this is a great track.  

Here is a bit from the release's liner notes:
Born in Ponferrada, Spain, the Hispano-Swiss-Portuguese artist has started releasing her first works back in 2010 with Hide Side on “Corrupzion in Zion” (2010) and since then she is moving only forwards. The collaborations with the local Spanish artist Dub Presidents, who produced her first album “The trial of the Self” (2010), as well as with Mystic Selectah (2012) from Madrid, were the starting point in her musical path. It was only a matter of time she would accomplish her international breakthrough through her collaborations with Izi Dub (FR) and Hi Fi Champion (CAN) in 2013.
The release is called Revolution and anyone who feels in their soul should check it out.

Jennifer Paulos - I Say No More

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