Feb 21, 2015

Mr. Juan - Baby You're Really In Love

Today's post comes from France-based musician Juan Naveira aka Mr Juan who is also known for his side projects, Juanitos, Miss Emma and Limbo Deluxe. We had the pleasure of discovery when we posted a tune by Juanitos at the end of December. It was awesome to find his solo projects in February.

Our selection is from a 2013 release called London Jerks. Ahhh. French/British amity abides.

Here is a note from Mr. Juan's website:
If you dare to call it as « muzak » then you should admit it is a sort of arty muzak whose inspirational sources do hark back to whimsical space age pop and elfish exotica/tiki pop in addition to the aforementioned sections.
Elfish Exotica is awesome.

Mr. Juan - Baby You're Really In Love

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