Feb 1, 2015

The Coconut MonkeyRocket with The Cow Goes Moo - Aunt Fish

Who can resist a "Blind-folded Musical Exquisite Corpse"?  This is a track from a pretty cool Various Artists release called My Invisible Friend, Vol. 1.  It features 14 different artists.  Each track has a lead artist with a complementary artist.

We love The Coconut MonkeyRocket so we are posting Aunt Fish.  There is some amazing work on the rest of the release from June 2014 which is found on the Bandcamp and released by Amalgamated Futureless Artists (AFA).

The release and process are described on the release page:
Meaning what? 14 artists from all around the world collaborated with each other to make some music. The twist is they did it without knowing who they where collaborating with. They just sent us (AFA) their unfinished songs, and we assigned those songs to other artists to finish it.
It is a special event.

The Coconut MonkeyRocket with The Cow Goes Moo - Aunt Fish

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subsystem7 said...

Just finished listening to the whole album, what a cool concept, and very good execution. Has a couple of our old favorites from ComfortStand http://www.comfortstand.com - Otis Fodder http://www.otisfodder.com/

Nice selection, thank you, Biotic!