Feb 8, 2015

Takeru Ishikawa & Anji Bee - CC Asia Band - Favor Tweet

Man, I am psyched to post a tune that has Anji Bee's name associated with it! I've been a fan of her podcast since it started in 2006.  In fact, the Chillcast has been the soundtrack of many a train ride into and out of NYC.  So much so that there are sections of the ride that are directly associated in my brain with Anji Bee.

Today we revisit the CC Affiliate Mixtape that was released a handful of weeks ago and I'm glad that I did revisit it.  Somehow I missed the track offered from the CC Asia Band representing
Taiwan that has been around in concept since 2006.  Anji Bee is a more recent addition.  Here is a bit from Anji Bee's website:
The CC Asia Band is a musical collaboration spanning across multiple borders, languages, and music genres; it brings together many different artists from the Asia Pacific region for the creation of new sounds to be freely shared worldwide via the Creative Commons. This bold project was first conceived in 2006, begun in 2007, and then took flight in 2008 with the “CC Asia Mega Mix” concert in Taipei. Vocalist Anji Bee was one of the last artists to join the group, via an invite from musician/producer, MoShang, who produced the final mixes for the band’s debut album, CABACA.
They have provided uploads to ccMixter.org, so next stop for me is to check in there to listen to the results.

Takeru Ishikawa, Anji Bee with the CC Asia Band - Favor Tweet

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