Feb 28, 2015

Garmisch - And Now We Stand Against The Wall

We are staying in Malmö for today's post.  We have liked Garmisch since we first heard them BlocSonic's netBloc Volume 5 (The threat at Goliath's feet...). 

Black Paint was a wonderful introduction to the band and it was nice to revisit BlocSonic's marvelous back catalog to listen to more recent offerings.

And Now We Stand Against the Wall is a magical anthem that at times sounds like early Pink Floyd, but always stands out as uniquely Garmisch.  The tune appears on a BlocSonic release called Fishes.

There is a more recent remix of this tune posted to their Soundcloud page.

Their Facebook page has this helpful note:
They’ve from the start been putting together a mixture of influences and ideas, still trying to find their intended style; without any intensions about ever really getting there.
We may have to visit Malmö.

Garmisch - And Now We Stand Against The Wall 

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