Feb 6, 2015

half past sun - Here I go

Up until 2012 or so there was a German CC Internet Radio show called the Free Music Charts.  A lot of their efforts are documented on archives.org.  Their posts from that period are worth checking out.  I did. 

This comes from the description of the show:
Free Music Charts is an internet radio show, where only open (as in CC licensed) music is allowed to take part. The rules are quite simple:

* listeners can chose up to five songs to vote for
* the 15 best voted songs from the last month take part next month, too
* there are at least five newcomers
* a song is allowed to take part for a maximum of six months, after that time it is replaced by a newcomer

Here I go was featured on Free Music Charts and the hosting website, DarkRadio.com in February 2011.  Note: pretty sure the domain has changed hands (or focus) in the years since...maybe, maybe not.

This tune has a definite British 1980s feel about it.  No denying...half past sun is from Ghent.  Great sound for the end of our week.

Here is what their Facebook page has to say:
half past sun brings melancholic indie songs with a delicate electronic touch, when the hard and flat colours of the day shimmer and return to their soft glow, soon all to be monochromatic.  

Take a listen.  See if you agree.

half past sun - Here I go

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gurdonark said...

This one starts out as if it is going to be a bit one-way-street, but by song's end it propels itself in its 80s synthpop time machine way into a fun song.