Feb 16, 2015

YEIZON - Up Up Up Up Up (YEIZON Remix)

We can feel the CC love in this one. YEIZON is a South Korean music project that is harnessing the power of Creative Commons licensing to get the music out.  

This tune, posted at ccMixter.org is a remix of a tune by State Shirt who is an active mixter at the site.

The musicians involved in the project come out of the K-Pop scene in Seoul and have coalesced to created this cooperative approach to developing their sound.

Here is the story of YEIZON from their Facebook page:
YEIZON is a music project and a movement that consists of 7 musicians who are rappers, producers, songwriters, vocalists, and percussionists. They’re actively doing their own music activities in the K-Pop, but they got together to quench the thirst for music that cannot be solved in the existing rules of the music industry. Actually, with various kinds of pressures to produce the music that makes more money, it’s difficult for the musicians to follow their belief in music. YEIZON is trying to solve these problems by decreasing the dependency on mass media and existing music distribution channels, and distributing their music via social media under Creative Commons License.
This remix was created and performed for a special live performance of the tune for the Seoul Digital Forum 2012YEIZON did a speech session and a live performance with Creative Commons Korea.

If you are looking for more music, YEIZON also have a tune on the recent CC Affiliates Mixtape.

Let's share the music and pass it on.

YEIZON - Up Up Up Up Up (YEIZON Remix)

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